Foundation Disruptive Innovation Challenge- Opening Soon! 


The Disruptive Innovation Challenge is your opportunity to develop that “Big Idea” that will advance the practice and profession of systemic family therapy. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage Marriage and Family Therapists to think of an innovative advancement that benefits MFTs, consumers or other stakeholders invested in systemic family therapy. This Challenge asks MFTs to think outside of the box, and submit innovative new ideas that, if brought to fruition, can answer a question in a compelling way, but are not yet commercially available.

  • When considering this challenge keep the following in mind:
    • What is a disruptive innovation that can bring awareness of systemic related family therapy, serve to advance the practice and profession of marriage and family therapy, as well as the various communities around us?
    • Is the idea relevant to Marriage and Family Therapy?
    • Does the project or process demonstrate service to advance the practice and profession of systemic family therapy in an innovative way so as to bring awareness of family therapy to our communities?

With a range of stimulating programs and activities, the Foundation is continuously pushing innovation and creativity in systemic family therapy.